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Understanding Systems and Structure

As an undergraduate in architecture, I always had an eye for details. My architecture background helps me think structurally about problems and to engage with people as a humanist. It also helps me understand how to create complex analysis, undertake in-depth research, perceive flows and interpret criticism. Most importantly, it has made me realize how a simple design decision can affect a user.


I love to Collaborate!

My graduate study in Interaction Design allows me to practice my design and collaboration skills in real projects. As a part of the team, I worked with non-profits like Root Division and BAWSI (Bay Area Women’s Sports Initiative) in the Bay Area to solve real problems. Design is evolving, and with new creative challenges coming up every day, I believe that we need to recognize and analyze the wicked issues, understand the people involved and collaborate to meet the challenges.


Check out my Interests and Strengths

Contextual Inquiry
Design research and Insights
Human-centered design and innovation
Systems Thinking
Service Design
Wireframing & Prototyping
Concept sketching & Ideation
Visual Design
Spatial Design